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They say you need essential oils for a crucial time, between your birth & death. But what exactly are these miracle drops of oil that are alluring us? Essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from plants & flowers. 

It is not just their aromatic scent that has made essential oils a necessity in every household, but rather their never-ending list of health benefits that have drastically increased their popularity and demand. Over the past decade they have become an integral part of alternative medicine, a branch of medicine that focuses primarily on methods of healing that stray from traditional approaches. Research on essential oils is limited but progressing by the hour due to their growing acclaim.

Under no circumstances are they to be consumed orally. It is strongly urged that essential oils are used in small amounts mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. Certain essential oils can also be toxic to animals, so discretion is advised for users with household pets.

Health Benefits

1.Stress and Anxiety
The root of all illness and disease, approximately 77% of our population suffers from some form of stress that impacts their health. Applying essential oils to hot or cold areas of your skin can be helpful, but it is best to inhale them. When inhaled, they are absorbed by our limbic system, which is associated with memories, emotions, and behaviour.

2. Antibiotic, Antivirus, and Antifungal properties.
Many essential oils contain complex chemical compounds that give them healing properties.

3. Sleep and Insomnia
Essential oils have a positive influence on one’s sleeping habits since our brains’ receptors associate the scent with relaxation. It is especially beneficial for women postpartum.

4. Reduce Inflammation
Some essential oils have a very soothing & cooling effect on the skin, making them the perfect anti-inflammatory solution when applied to the skin.

5. Headaches and Migraines
An ancient remedy from the Persians, essential oils has been proven to have a soothing effect on an aching head when rubbed gently against temples.

There are a variety of different ways we can incorporate these special oils into our daily life.

Ways to Use Essential Oil

1. Diffuser
Adding a few drops to your diffuser will create a calming & aromatic ambience in your household, promoting calmness and relaxation.

2. Massage Oil
Applying it to sore muscles or aching joints consistently will improve over time. Always do a patch test beforehand. Avoid using around sensitive areas such as the eyes, mouth, and ears.

3. Add to Skincare & Cosmetics
Adding essential oils to your skincare and cosmetics can make them more fragrant. It can be a way of using the essential oil consistently to procure their long-lasting impact.

4. Add to Bath
An excellent substitute to chemically infused bath bombs that have artificial coloring, just adding a few drops to a hot bath can create a relaxing sensation in the body and calm your nerves.

5. Cleaning Agents
Due to their strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, essential oils can be used as a cleaning agent by adding a few drops of them to your cleaning solution. History has records of a time when essential oils were used to clean hospitals to maintain a sterile environment.

There exist an awe-worthy variety of 90 unique essential oils and what is even more astounding is how many more varieties we have yet to extract, thanks to 21st-century technology and innovation.

Each of these essential oils is unique in its ability to aid one’s physical and mental health. However, they share one common ground, that they all are synonyms for healing, peace and tranquillity.

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