Love’s Enchantment Bath Bomb


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Love’s Enchantment Luxury Bath Bomb


    • Aqua:

      Pure water provides the base for a soothing bath experience.

    • Citric acid:

      A natural compound for gentle exfoliation and effervescent fizz.

    • Cocamidopropyl betaine:

      A mild surfactant that contributes to a luxurious lathering effect.

    • Isopropyl alcohol:

      Helps bind ingredients and enhance the bath bomb’s fizzing reaction.

    • Kaolin:

      Delicate clay offers a velvety texture and skin benefits.

    • Parfum:

      Captivating fragrance enhances the sensory delight of the bath.

    • Lavender fragrance:

      Tranquil aroma promotes relaxation and serenity.

    • Polysorbate 80:

      Emulsifier dispersing fragrances and oils uniformly in the water.

    • Potassium bitartrate:

      Also known as cream of tartar, adding acidity for effervescence.

    • Rose fragrance:

      Romantic scent evoking passion and allure.

    • Shea butter fruit:

      Nourishing extract for soft and moisturized skin.

    • Skin-safe dyes:

      Colorants add visual charm while being gentle on the skin.

    • Sodium bicarbonate:

      Baking soda contributes to the bath bomb’s fizzing sensation.

    • Sweet almond oil:

      Luxurious oil delivers hydration and silky smoothness to the skin.

Discover the charm of Love’s Enchantment Luxury Bath Bombs, where romance and luxury combine with each splash. Enjoy the soothing sensation of shea butter and sweet almond oil while indulging in a tempting blend of lavender and rose scents. This love bath bomb creates a calm paradise with a symphony of ingredients, including skin-safe colors and natural essences. With our luxury Bath Bombs, transform your bath into a romantic getaway. Learn the secrets of the enchanting bath bombs created to indulge your senses and stoke your passion. Experience the utmost in enchantment right now.

Allow Love’s Enchantment Bath Bomb to lead you to a world of luxurious relaxation and delight. Unwrap the promise of this magnificent bath experience to elevate your self-care regimen to new heights. Your typical bath transforms into a stunning spectacle of hues when the bath bomb dissolves, revealing a captivating display of colors that dance and whirl through the water.

Take a dip in the luxurious waters that have been infused with shea butter and sweet almond oil for added goodness. As these magnificent ingredients envelop your skin, leaving it velvety smooth and intensely hydrated, feel the cares of the day fade away. Your environment is filled with the calming symphony of lavender and rose scents, producing a relaxing atmosphere.


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