Neem Oil (Cold Pressed Oil) – 200 ml


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Introduction of Natural Neem Oil

Cold-pressing Natural Neem Oil seeds below 120°F gently extracts valuable compounds, like azadirachtin and nimbin, preserving neem oil’s remarkable properties.

What is Cold Pressed Neem Oil?

Through the gentle extraction method of cold-pressing neem seeds at low temperatures, typically below 120°F (49°C), it ensures that cold-pressed neem oil retains its valuable compounds. These compounds include azadirachtin, nimbin, and fatty acids, which collectively confer its remarkable properties.

The Power of Neem Oil

Neem oil excels in pest control and offers versatile benefits in skincare, haircare, and medicinal applications due to its properties.

Renowned in skincare, it soothes irritated skin, addresses acne, and nourishes hair and scalp, making it a celebrated choice.

In oral hygiene, neem oil aids in fighting gum diseases and combating bad breath.

Its potent anti-inflammatory attributes are valuable in alleviating joint pain and reducing inflammation.


Cold-pressed neem oil, renowned for its potent and versatile natural remedy properties. Embrace this ancient herbal treasure, and in doing so, foster a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

To apply effectively, lightly dab the cold-pressed neem oil onto the area using a cotton swab or cotton ball. Allow it to soak for up to 20 minutes, and then rinse the oil off with warm water. It’s essential to note that neem oil, due to its potency, is not suitable for children. Additionally, pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid its use. Furthermore, individuals with skin allergies should exercise caution when using it.


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